I always tell this story and recently found the pics.   We all remember where we were     September 11th, 2001, the day of the World Trade Center attacks.   I was getting on a flight from San Luis Obipso to Nashville for a conference.   Needless to say I wasn’t going anywhere and ended up being stuck in SLO until airline service resumed.   Since we didn’t know when that would happen, I was reporting to the airport every morning (only to be told “No flights today”) and then watching coverage of the tragedy on TV the rest of the day.     By day three, I was so depressed watching all these people desperately holding onto hope they would find their families.    I was staying with a friend and on day four, I said “I have to get out of here.    Let’s go sit and get some fresh air on the patio of the Cliffs.”    We called two other college roommates and they jumped at the opportunity for a break as well.

    It was weird because it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and the patio was empty except for us, and one other couple.    It wasn’t like it cured our heartache, but we did realize how much beauty still surrounded us, and in an effort to try to hang on to that, we decided to Seize the Day.   We went to the front desk and checked into the biggest baddest suite the Cliff’s Hotel had.   It ended up being such a fun break from the tragedy and the next day (after another fruitless stop at the airport, I headed up to San Miguel and spent the day with my adorable nephew.    I appreciated it so much more knowing how so many families were beginning to accept and mourn their losses.

    Ever since, my pals and I have reminded each other during hard times that you can still seize the beauty of what is around you.     We listen and acknowledge the sadness or stress of whatever is happening in each other’s life, but then gently remind each other we can still be “SEIZERS OF THE DAY!”