Need help getting your message out? With decades in television news, I know what gets the attention of editors, producer and reporters. Every business or entity has a story with telling. Sometimes, though, they need help figuring out what that is and then need help figuring out how to share that story to their benefit.

I work with companies and government agencies to help them focus what it is they need people to know about them, develop social media strategies, and implement plans to share their story with the people who matter most to their mission. This includes pitching the story to the appropriate news outlets, and if need be, production of a commercial or story to share as appropriate.

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Getting more personal:

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are what is holding us back the most. Too often, those stories just aren’t accurate. We all do it, so there absolutely nothing wrong with needing someone now and then to help us catch the inaccuracies that are keeping us stuck or keeping us from living our best lives.

In the process of my own soul-searching, I completed the Martha Beck Life Coach training program and now work with a limited number of clients one-on-one to help them chart their course toward their best destiny. By that I mean, the most fulfilling and joy-producing lives and loves we can. I truly believe we are all meant to live with happy hearts most of the time.

I really enjoy group coaching sessions as well. Do you have a group of girlfriends who seems to be stuck in giving mutual massages of each other’s stories, even though the stories are making you sick and unhappy? Sometimes an outside observer can help find the fibs in thinking that are keeping one person from resolution of a problem. And watching that happen can help a whole group find their “ah ha” moments.

I find it rewarding to speak to a business groups or organizations as well about the things I’ve learned through working with both good and bad ones. I’ll work with your organization to find the pitfalls, or speak to your group about avoiding them altogether. The world is changing and people aren’t willing to work with or in toxic environments. It’s important we all know how to avoid supporting one and learn the tricks to change direction as a leader, employee, or volunteer.

If you are interested in setting up a one-on-one Lifecoaching session, or public-speaking engagement, email me at [email protected] and tell me a little about your group and what you are looking for.


“Fast, fun, efficient and effective is what I wanted and that is what was delivered! I am so thankful to Jeanette and her team!”
“Jeanette and her team made creating a commercial fun given the wealth of experience in scripting, producing and editing. They know how to excite the audience within seconds and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
“Effective advertising via a television commercial is what I wanted. Jeanette and her team was easy to work with from scripting, production and placement… I couldn’t be happier.”