I love being able to call myself a “freelancer”. It just signals such a message of freedom to my brain. I’ve learned the freedom factor goes both ways for employers and allows even small businesses to hire an expert in whatever field they are needing some expertise from.

I love freelance writing the most, and putting my writing skills to work for a company that needs help creating content for a campaign, website, or creative project.
I’m also available to lend name, face and voice to certain projects I feel comfortable representing. While not a full-time journalist, I will not represent any business or organization I feel compromises my beliefs or integrity so do tend to be a bit choosy here.

Should a radio or television station find themselves in a bind, and need some on-cam talent (or behind the mic talent), I can put on the hat that is most familiar to me and fit the bill for a period of time.

So freelance JT by emailing me at [email protected] and fill me in on your project and needs.